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Summer Baseball


The summer baseball program is the second part of our season aimed at players ages 9-15, grades 3-9, who are interested in a more competitive level of play from late June through mid August. There are typically 2-3 games per week although that can vary among specific leagues.

Overall, when both practices and games are included, the summer is a relatively intensive program. Recognizing that this is the vacation season, we do make modest allowances for family vacations without jeopardizing a youngster's roster spot. However, the commitment to the leagues is a significant one, and we request that longer vacations be reserved for later in August when the season has ended. Parents and players are asked to be realistic about the significance of this commitment.

Player Selection

Players are selected for Summer teams on the basis of how they performed in the first half of our season the Spring, past years, and if deemed necessary, tryouts may take place near the end of the Spring season.

Summer Baseball Program Descriptions

Cal Ripken / Babe Ruth Teams

There is an opportunity for a select group of players in each of the following age groups, a 3rd grade team, 4th grade team, 5th grade team, 6th grade team in the Cal Ripken Division and 7th grade, 8th grade & 9th grade teams in the Babe Ruth division to play on the Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Tournament Teams. Players are selected by the team coaches through season long scouting and if deemed necessary, tryouts. These teams involve an intense commitment by the players, their parents, and the coaches. Some excellent players opt out of the tournament teams because of other commitments and play in the less stringent summer baseball program. Each team will compete against the best players in the region. The Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Teams represent a small fraction of the excellent MYBL Summer baseball program.

Members of these District teams, which consist of 12 to 15 players each, represent Marshfield in competition with other towns who are part of Eastern Massachusetts Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth District 6. There are no guaranteed minimum playing requirements for players on these teams. Inclusion in the District teams requires 100% commitment to all practices and games. Practices for these teams will begin immediately following the regular Spring season. District tournaments begin in late June or early July, and last roughly one week. If a team wins its District, it will move on to the Eastern Massachusetts State Tournament in mid-July. Players must be registered for the Spring season in order to be eligible to play for District teams. If there is a tryout, a player's inability to attend the try-out will not determine his team eligibility.

Suburban League and South River League Baseball

Typically the Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth District Teams double as Suburban League Teams. However, a player may choose to play in Districts, but not Suburban, and vice versa. Suburban League and  South River League are both"travel" baseball.  Teams typically have a 10-12 game schedule plus playoffs.  Schedules are typically set up so that half of each teams games are at home and half are away.  Travel to away games is generally to other teams located on the South Shore.  Teams generally play games that take place one or two nights per week, and one weekend day. The season ends roughly about the beginning of August, with playoff season play carrying on sometimes up to the second week in August. The commitment level expected by MYBL is 75%, which translated, allows for a week long family vacation during the season. All players must be registered for the second half Summer Season to play in either the Suburban or South River League.   Leagues are broken into 9/10, 11/12, 13, 14, and 15 in age groups,  being 3rd & 4th graders minor level, 5th & 6th graders major level, 7th grader prep level, 8th & 9th graders Babe Ruth level . In the South River League, every team makes the playoffs.